REVIEW /// Joolz Geo Stroller  

I was the picky one when we were looking for baby stuff. For a start I wanted to make sure I didn’t look stupid using anything we bought (a flowery changing bag was a big no no). Things had to look good and feel good. This is highlighted even more when buying a pram (buggy? stroller? pushchair? I’m not sure I know the difference yet!), probably the most expensive item you buy as you prepare for your baby’s arrival.You can spend a small fortune.

After a trip to John Lewis to test out prams, I was distinctly underwhelmed by how boring they looked and how awkward they were to use. Flicking through the catalogue at home afterwards one brand caught my eye – Joolz. They were beautiful. To be honest I’d made my mind up before we had even looked at them in person – they looked too good not to get.

After hunting around for stockists, we went and had a play. There are two models Joolz offer. The ‘Day’ and the ‘Geo’. After some deliberations we decided to go for the Geo as we found it easier to fold down and it had the bigger basket underneath (this can actually be removed easily to be used as a shopping basket – not that I’ve ever done it). The other bonus with the Geo is that you can remove the basket and add space for a second baby, which may come in handy later on down the line – who knows.

Joolz give loads of different options so you can customise the look of your pram, from different fabric colours, to changing the quality of the handle. We went ended up paying a little bit more to get the Graphite colour from their Studio collection – which also gives you a double stitched handle and bumper bar.

Anyway, enough about how beautiful it is, what’s it like to use?

You can use the pram from birth as it comes with a carry cot and seat. They actually use the same frame, which can be a bit of a hassle to switch, but seeing as you don’t have to do this very often, it isn’t really an issue. The carry cot is great for the first few months as it’s been tested and certified for overnight use. Visiting family and friends, knowing baby can sleep in the pram is very useful. It has small rubber feet too, so you can just put it on the floor and not worry about taking the pram in to the bedroom if you are staying somewhere.


At around 6 months in we switched to the seat. Again, this looks great, and is easy to use. Once you are using the seat, the whole buggy can be folded down in one, which is great for speed (so long as your little one likes to be forward facing!)- and boot space in your car. You can have this forward or rear facing and can be tilted in to three positions; sat up, lying down and somewhere in between. This is where one of my biggest issues with the pram comes in. To tilt the seat, you have to press two buttons, one either side, however this can be really stiff, making it tricky to do. Seeing as there is quality throughout, I’m sure there must be a better way to do this.

Zeph loves it too.

Without sounding too much like James May, it is a pleasure to drive (push/manoeuvre), beautifully smooth. The Geo isn’t the lightest pram we tested, but that’s a good thing – it feels solid when going over bumps, you don’t have the fear it’s suddenly going to fall apart.

We have a Zafira and the Geo fits in the boot nicely with space for other bits next to it, however it would be trickier with a small vehicle (although I think having a baby and small car must be tricky – but that’s another blog post!). That said, when we are going away for a while, we usually have to put it on it’s side and remove all the wheels to get it in. Remove the wheels sounds like a hassle – but it really isn’t. All you do is press a button and pull, and the wheel comes off. So easy. So easy that we have actually managed to fit the whole thing on the front seat a couple of times when needed.

As with any pram, the extras can really add up. Now, there’s a whole host of Joolz branded items you can buy, but let’s look at the ones you’d actually need; Footmuff – £79,   Car seat adapter – £29, Raincover – £35. All on top of an £800+ (from £799 to be precise) pram. I know. Breathe.

Basically, I chose this as my first review because I liked it so much – so it’s good, if you can, get it. Simple. If you have any questions about the Joolz Geo, ask them below. If I’ve missed something vital out, let me know!

You can find out more about the Joolz Geo here:



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